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    Cutting-edge Trench Solutions to Overcome all Barriers.

    Directional boring, also known as Horizontal Directional Drilling, is now an industry-wide standard for installing electrical conduits, fiber optic cables and oil, gas or sewage pipelines.


    As a company always looking to improve our working practices, Trans Power was one of the first Canadian companies to utilize this revolutionary drilling technique. Rather than digging up a surface, our skilled technicians can drill underneath obstacles including roads, highways, driveways and even river crossings.

    This highly-advanced technique offers significant advantages over traditional methods, improving our efficiency and driving down the hours spent digging. These savings are passed onto our clients.


    As well as drastically reducing the impact we make on the infrastructure and landscape around the worksite, there are many other benefits of directional boring.

    Trans Power can bore during all times of the years, regardless of the season. While other techniques must be stopped during frigid temperatures we are able to use directional boring throughout Ontario’s tough winters.

    Directional boring also removes water containment and handling from the equation; there is no need to pump water out of trenches nor stop working in extreme wet weather. We can continue to bore with a high level of precision and meet safety standards.

    Trans Power’s directional boring team can work on projects of all shapes and sizes, bringing their experience and skill to the forefront on your worksite.


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