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    Ensuring Your Greenfield Site Gets the Perfect Start.

    Trans Power is one of the largest Greenfield construction contractors in the country and has, in the past year alone, serviced over 12,000 lots. We work on both residential and commercial lots to offer the quality and expertise that a new development requires.


    We are the largest private purchaser of materials for new development projects in Canada, having built a wide network of commercial connections during our near three-decade existence. Therefore, we have tremendous market reach and buying power, enabling us to pass on our unmatched competitive pricing straight to our clients.


    Greenfield sites require a steady and experienced hand to guide their proper planning and construction. Each Greenfield lot has its own challenges, however with our 30 years in business we have been able to adapt and overcome.

    Together with Enbridge, we developed the joint-use trench method of utility installation for Greenfield sites to generate time and money savings by utilizing a single trench for electrical, telecommunications and gas. This trail-blazing method is now the widely accepted industry standard and has significantly reduced both project duration and cost to our valued clients.

    Greenfield work requires flexibility and adaptability when faced with evolving projects and changing schedule demands. This is what Trans Power provides.

    Trans Power’s combination of experience and ability cannot be matched.

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