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    Trans Power, Pioneers of Multi Utility Joint-Use Trenches In Canada, Raising and Setting the New Industry Standard.

    In 1990, Trans Power partnered with Enbridge Gas Distribution and spearheaded the development of a joint-use trenching standard.  This application has been adopted by utilities across North America and around the world, as the new industry standard and acknowledging Trans Power as an innovative industry leader.

    joint use

    Adopting joint-use trenching standards for the installation of multi-utilities i.e. Hydro, Gas, Bell, TV among others, optimizes efficiencies that result in an overall safer and cost-effective placement of all parties in common trench. This is achieved by optimal planning, coordination and mitigation of potential conflicts and delays prior to installation.  This is extremely useful on sites where space is minimal, and/or where stringent environmental regulations are in place.


    Joint-use trench reduces costs to all participants as it is shared; and by scales of economies, reduces the overall installation time as it allows for all parties to place their plant at the same time and such reduces even further their respective overall costs.  These efficiencies contribute significantly to the success of projects being delivered on schedule and on budget.

    For added efficiency at a pinch of the price, choose joint use trench lines from Trans Power.

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