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    Reshape the sub-surface landscape using a safe, efficient method.

    Trans Power’s hydro vac excavation is an accurate, specialized method of soil and debris removal as well as locating underground utilities, in which we apply pressurized water and high-flow vacuums to remove terrain in a non-invasive manner. For intricate underground infrastructure, hydro vac excavation offers total security.


    With this non-mechanical process, the possibility for damage to underground cables or pipelines is discounted. Rather than drills and diggers, our expertly applied water and vacuum system does the work, reducing the potential harm that traditional excavation methods can inflict. In the modern era, where complex communication and energy systems are under our feet, ensuring against expensive damages is vital.


    Our teams of highly skilled specialists use hydro vac excavation to provide clients with a cost-effective and time-efficient excavation method that is non-destructive.

    Hydro vac is extremely versatile, able to work in problematic terrain where space is tight or hazards are present. With the extreme accuracy that hydro vac offers, we can precisely excavate areas to exact depths, minimizing the effect of your project on the nearby landscape while reducing cleanup costs.

    On top of this, Hydro vac excavation is not dependent on weather; excavation can be carried out at all times of the year, even in the winter with the use of heated water. In Ontario, where winters can be extreme and freeze over soil, hydro vac excavation allows our clients to stay on track and get the job done.

    For ultimate speed and safety when excavating, Trans Power’s hydro vac excavation service is the professional’s choice.

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