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Trans Power Utility Contractors Inc. is a prime contractor to various utility, industrial and commercial clients, providing for the installation of high voltage cable, transformers, switchgears, street and highway lighting, traffic signals, telecommunication equipment and natural gas plant. With over 30 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver timely, cost-effective, and quality solutions to our clients throughout Ontario. We are seeking a skilled and experienced Foreman to join our team.

Job Summary:

Reporting to the Field Supervisor, the Foreman is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the work of the construction crew and subcontractors on a daily basis. The Foreman will ensure that all work is performed safely, efficiently, and according to project specifications and safety standards. The Foreman will also be responsible for maintaining accurate records of work progress and for reporting any issues to the Field Supervisor.

Key Responsibilities:

  • • Supervise and coordinate the work of the construction crew and subcontractors.
  • • Ensure that all work is performed safely and efficiently, and in compliance with federal & provincial regulations.
  • • Coordinate with the Project Manager(s) to ensure that materials and equipment are delivered to the site as needed.
  • • Monitor progress on the project and make necessary adjustments to schedules and plans as required.
  • • Ensure that all work is performed according to project specifications, and within budget.
  • • Conduct regular inspections of the site to ensure that work is progressing according to schedule and that quality standards are being met.
  • • Ensure that all crew members and subcontractors are following safety protocols, and address any safety concerns promptly.
  • • Communicate regularly with the Project Manager to keep them informed of project status and any issues that arise.
  • • Maintain accurate records of work progress, including daily reports, time sheets, and material usage.
  • • Coordinate with the Project Manager to identify and resolve any issues that arise during the construction process.


  • • Minimum of 5 years of experience in construction management or related field.
  • • Strong leadership skills and the ability to manage a team.
  • • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • • Knowledge of construction materials, methods, and tools.
  • • Knowledge of federal & provincial regulations related to construction.
  • • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and project specifications.
  • • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • • Ability to solve problems and make decisions in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
  • • Proficient in Microsoft Office and project management software.

Physical Requirements:

The ideal candidate must have the ability to:

  • • Lift and carry up to 50 pounds.
  • • Work in all weather conditions.
  • • Work in trenches and work at heights.
  • • Ability to stand or walk for extended periods of time.

Salary and Benefits:

Salary will be commensurate with experience. Benefits include health insurance, RRSP and opportunities for professional development and advancement.

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