A history to build on…

Trans Power has been a trusted name since 1990. And that trust has been built by partnering with its’ customers and delivering exceptional service through passion and performance.

Over the past 20 years, Trans Power has established itself as the prime contractor to various utilities and industrial and commercial clients, providing the installation of high voltage cable, transformers, switchgears, street and highway lighting, traffic signals, telecommunication equipment and natural gas plants.

Company presidents, Frank Mongillo and Simone DeGasperis have been directly involved with the underground utility industry since 1969, and have extensive experience in the field. Their team provides the unmatched service and reliability that have been the hallmarks of Trans Power’s success.

Never content to catch up with the industry, Trans Power has instead led the charge with deployments of the latest technology and best management practices. With the invention of new and efficient methodologies such as joint-use trenching and sophisticated computerized administration tools, Trans Power continues to be the contractor of choice for municipalities, developers and utilities.

Trans Power’s broad range of capabilities is reflected through its past and present projects that span the installation of Hydro (primary and secondary installations), Natural Gas distribution systems and Telecommunications for new and existing residential and commercial subdivisions. Trans Power also successfully expanded into highway lighting and traffic signal projects for many of the 400 series, provincial, regional, and municipal road systems.

Never content to rest on its’ laurels, Trans Power eagerly looks forward to the coming decade, forging ahead with new technologies and techniques that will create better safety, performance and overall efficiency for projects.