A leader in electrical distribution technology

Trans Power has been the foremost utility company providing electrical distribution services to Ontario for the past 20 years. A pioneer in technology, Trans Power was one of the first companies to implement directional drilling, and hydro vacuum excavation, as well as an early adopter of efficiencies to improve both speed and cost-savings with the inclusion of natural gas in existing telecommunications trenches: the joint-use trench, which is used throughout the industry today.

At Trans Power, our equipment is always leading edge and state-of-the-art, allowing us to maintain our philosophy of innovation.

We’re looking to tomorrow’s technology to create ever better methods to improve our productivity, affording our clients quality service in a timely manner, and leading to greater cost efficiency.

Underground Distribution

Trans Power is one of the largest Greenfield construction contractors in the country, servicing thousands of residential and commercial lots each year. In the past year, we serviced over 12,000 lots and we are the largest private purchaser of materials for new development projects. With our tremendous reach and buying power, we can pass on unmatched competitive pricing to the client.

We partnered with Enbridge to develop the joint-use trench method of utility installation, to create efficiencies, which save time and money by utilizing one trench for electrical, telecommunications and gas.

The joint-use method has now become the widely accepted industry standard, as it has significantly reduced both project duration and cost to the client.

With our years of experience we have been able to develop automated project management systems and an intuitive management philosophy. This allows us to provide the client with superior flexibility, adapting to an evolving schedule as well as meeting the daily challenges on a project.

Rehabilitation Projects

As a resource to electrical utilities, such as Enersource, we provide electrical system upgrade service, employing open excavation and directional drilling methods that have minimum impact on the communities they serve. We are the preferred rehabilitation contractor because all of our staff understands the importance of treating the community with the care and respect it deserves. We have the best track record with overall safety, speed, and minimal disruption. Our largest Rehabilitation client is Enersource, however, we also provide this same service for a number of utilities such as Powerstream, Whitby Hydro, and Hydro One Brampton.

Overhead Distribution

We provide both temporary and permanent overhead power for builders in new subdivisions and replacement and new infrastructure for a number of utilities. Equipped to install up to 244KV systems, our overhead staff and supervisors are certified journeymen linesmen, and all our equipment meets or exceeds the safety standards and requirements set out by various utilities and Ministry of Labour. With rigorous training and certification in the utmost safety procedures, our workforce often supplements the workforces of various utilities to assist them in meeting rising demand.